Bringing Products to Life:
Exploring Opportunities for Making the Product Commercialization Process
More Accessible to Emerging Designers.
This study defines the product commercialization process both directly and indirectly while exploring opportunities for making it more accessible to emerging designers. The findings of this study suggest a need for a system where designers, mentors, customers, service providers and investors can come together to commercialize product ideas. This system better connects the design world with the world of entrepreneurship, and vice versa.
Research Questions:
In order to structure as well as limit the research for this study, a number of research questions were established. They are as follows: What is design entrepreneurship? What skillsets, attributes, and aptitudes do practicing design entrepreneurs possess?
What obstacles and challenges do design entrepreneurs usually run into? How do design entrepreneurs define success? Is there a gap between design education and design entrepreneurship? How might the gap between design education and design
entrepreneurship be bridged? Can current service platforms be utilized to connect emerging design entrepreneurs with the resources needed to commercialize their product ideas? Are there opportunities for improvement?
This Industrial Design MFA thesis was completed in 18 months and was defended on November 9th, 2012 in front of faculty and students at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Svannah, GA, USA. To read the entire body of work please click the link.
Platform Architecture & Wireframes
Research & Strategy Development
Evaluating and Comparing Existing Resources
Mapping out the Envisioned Product Development Process
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