DESIGNER: I believe good design to be intuitive, needing little to no explanation and I admire minimal design because it's about underlining the essence of a function rather than decorating for attention.
THINKER: I have a passion for studying, defining and solving problems.
PERSON: My name is Mika Becktor, I'm a swede that graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2012 as a Golf Scholar All American and with a BFA and an MFA in Industrial Design. In my spare time I try to stay active, I play golf, and I like learning new things.
PRESENT: I am currently an industrial designer for Cleveland Golf/ Srixon. As a member of the RND team I'm involved in market research, project planning, and the entire development process including design strategy, product ideation, sketching, rendering, CAD, 3D printing, prototyping, graphics, packaging, and overseas vendor communication.
PAST: I was early introduced to the practical aspect of constructing and handcrafting things, making this a natural skill. I grew up developing an interest in art and design with my parents being an Architect/Interior Designer and an Artist Painter. Studying both natural science and art, I found that Industrial Design was a great combination of the two and that it utilized both my creative and analytical skills.

FUTURE: I look forward to it.

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