Expectations are different depending on the purpose of ones bike ride. A cruiser bike is for leisure, people-watching and enjoying the environment. A road bike is for the times when you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere really fast. Most people settle for a commuter bike because it does something inbetween. People in small apartment or that can not afford 3 different bikes but still want to enjoy every unique bike ride would get a Cykla, which gives them three bikes in one.
The main difference between a road bike and a cruiser bike is the seating position. When riding a cruiser bike you sit up straight and expect a comfortable ride, When riding a road bike you expect a more aerodynamic seating position, which increases speed.

In order to mimic the specific qualities of a road bike the seat is raised by a hydraulic handle, easily accessible under the seat. Most importantly the whole front half of the cykla is angled down by the transformation mechanism to move the handlebars down and away from the seat, while tightening the front suspension. 

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